Property Market Update June 2023

Property Market Update June 2023

Here we are in 2023 and we are almost through another half year as we look to the start of what we hope is a safe & prosperous 2023 sugar cane crushing season for the Hinchinbrook District. The wet cane season of 2022 was not the best for Hinchinbrook Shire Farmers and Contractors which consequently stems the flow of cash and spending in Businesses in the Shire. Thankfully we were been spared from a Flood or Cyclone event in 2023 and the current sugar price is exceptional -which has not been seen in a very long time.

The property run of the last 18-24 months have come in like a wave and now seems to slowing.

Following are some total sale transaction numbers in the 4850 postcode for the March Quarter Period over the last 7 years, this data is taken from the property system that Ingham Real Estate uses;

2023 March Quarter there was 80 transactions recorded

2022 March Quarter there was 125 transactions recorded

2021 March Quarter there was 95 transactions recorded

2020 March Quarter there was 55 transactions recorded

2019 March Quarter there was 32 transactions recorded

2018 March Quarter there was 42 transactions recorded

2017 March Quarter there was 54 transactions recorded

Below are some numbers of total transactions in past calendar years which is interesting. Of note is the wave of sales in 2021 post COVID and the ramping up in 2020 compared to the relatively even sales levels in 2019, 2018 & 2017. This shows the Spikes & Troughs in the volume of sales where sometimes the Spikes are short and sharp and the Toughs are more prolonged. 

2022 – 428 (of which there was 23 transactions with a land use of Sugar Cane)

2021 – 509 (of which there was 44 transactions with a land use of Sugar Cane)

2020 – 337 (of which there was 30 transactions with a land use of Sugar Cane)

2019 – 214 (of which there was 24 transactions with a land use of Sugar Cane)

2018 – 233 (of which there was 46 transactions with a land use of Sugar Cane)

2017 - 210 (of which there was 42 transactions with a land use of Sugar Cane)

Let’s see what Winter brings and if another wave of Buyers decide to purchase a part of Hinchinbrook.

We trust this little bit of information is useful. If you would like to talk about Selling or Renting your property, give us a call.


Disclaimer - This information has been prepared by a licensed Real Estate Agent. Although every care has been taken in compiling this information, it is an opinion only. This information is obtained through the Property Data system PDS PriceFinder. We accept no responsibility to third parties who may rely on the whole or any part of this content.